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26 oktober 2019 13:35 av https://mvpc.co.kr/thenine/


In stark comparison to the stringently capitalist workweek of the so-called modern era, work patterns in medieval Europe—loosely defined as the years 500–1500—were decidedly more relaxed. For one thing, the

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occasional bowl of gruel. But while we may not envy their work conditions—no health care is no joke for a physical laborer—peasants living in the Middle Ages actually had a lot of time to chill.

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26 oktober 2019 13:20 av https://mvpc.co.kr


AT FIRST GLANCE, THE LIFE of a medieval peasant might seem laborious, with long hours spent toiling away in a field from dawn till dusk, interrupted only by the

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26 oktober 2019 13:18 av https://mvpc.co.kr/first/


hominids painted; the swole women of Sparta wrestled, danced, and drank; ancient Mesoamericans kicked back and hooked up in steam baths; and Vikings hunted on skis skated on bones.

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26 oktober 2019 13:12 av https://mvpc.co.kr/theking/


This week, we’re remembering historic leisure activities—ways that people kicked back, chilled out, and expressed themselves throughout the centuries. Previously: Ancient

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26 oktober 2019 13:11 av https://mvpc.co.kr/woori/


who make and use them when not on vacation—has never really left. The converse, in which the hammock is a symbol of luxury and leisure, is problematic, too. The hammock itself? Just a great idea.

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26 oktober 2019 13:01 av https://hansolel.co.kr/thenine/


very old, it has taken centuries to reclaim them as a fundamental symbol and thing of value. For some of those from colder climates, the stereotype of the hammock as a symbol of laziness—staining the people

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26 oktober 2019 12:59 av https://hansolel.co.kr/coin/


Hammock history is complicated. In El Salvador and other countries where the hammock is essential and very old, it has taken centuries to reclaim them as a

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26 oktober 2019 12:55 av https://hansolel.co.kr/first/


El Salvador exports a lot of textiles, T-shirts especially, but serious hammock-heads—there are forums for them—prize the Salvadoran ones.

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26 oktober 2019 12:53 av https://hansolel.co.kr/yes/


cross over each other, rather than knotting at intersections. They’re also gathered at each end, unlike the more American styles that feature a spreader bar to make hammocks more rectangular and bed-like.

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